Eastern Winter Study

Letton Hall location

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When the 2022 booking forms have been finalised, they will be available here.

Please use one Booking Form per household, with one set of contact details. Each residential Booking Form will download  with one Volunteer Form. If more Volunteer Forms are required, download them here. BLOCK CAPITALS will ensure that we can read the details easily. Please note that the  booking details page with costs (the third page) is for your  information only, and there is no need to print it and send it with your booking.

To see how the information you supply is handled and stored, download the Privacy Notice.

A poster will be available if you wish to publicise the event locally.

The smooth running of the Study requires willing helpers to assist in a  variety of tasks, so please consider carefully what contribution you can make.

If the Study is oversubscribed the committee may, at its discretion, allocate places according to tasks volunteered for.

Early booking is both requested and advisable.

If wishing to book shortly before the event, please check the booking situation on the News page first.

Please pass this message to any others who may be considering booking.

Bookings with deposits should be sent to

Bro. Nathan & Sis. Ruth Walker
34 Robin Grove
NR18 9FS
with cheques made payable to
Christadelphian Eastern Winter Study.

Additional facility

It is now possible to book online. When your booking has been accepted you will be informed how to pay the deposit, via bank transfer if you wish, and later how to pay the balance. Please do not use any reference of  which you may have been advised previously, else your payment may not be allocated correctly.

To book online, click on the link which will be provided
here, when available
or copy the URL to your browser address bar and proceed.

If you do not have a reader for these .pdf files, the following free program may be downloaded:

Adobe Reader - http://get.adobe.com/reader/